East Columbus
Elementary School
School Improvement Plan
At East Columbus Elementary School, we are focused on the educational success of every child. Below you will find a link to our School Improvement Summary that lists strategies for improving student success and ways parents and the community can get involved in the process. 
Academic Support
READING PROGRAM: Our school is a research school for the Literacy Collaborative Reading Program in partnership with The Ohio State University.  This means that our teachers receive intensive professional development in reading intervention and support to meet each child when they are, and help them make reading growth based on their individual needs.  Please talk to your child's teacher, or our Reading Coach for more information. 

For your child's math and science books click here You will need your child's student ID # - Please call the office @ 365-6147.

Columbus Libraries www.columbuslibrary.org

Unitedstreaming Videos http://streaming.discoveryeducation.com/

Krumm Park Recreation Center http://recparks.columbus.gov/RecCenters/RecCenters_22.asp
Homework Information
Please contact your child's teacher for additional homework information. Typically your child should have 10 minutes of homework for each grade level achieved. 1st grade=10 minutes; 2nd grade=20 minutes etc.
Principal - Jaime Spreen
(614) 365-6147  |   3100 E 7th Avenue Columbus, OH 43219
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